Mudra Cultural Society (Singapore)

Mudra Cultural Society (Singapore)

Mudra Cultural Society is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded in 2010 to promote lesser-known forms of Indian classical art in Singapore. While there is a thriving Indian classical arts scene in Singapore, the founders of Mudra noticed that some stylised theatre forms such as kathakali and koodiyattam did not enjoy as much of an impactful presence.

The founders of Mudra believed that Singapore's culturally-diverse, increasingly urbane arts audience would appreciate the unusual and visually spectacular nature of kathakali and koodiyattam, if only offered a
helpful introduction to these art forms.  In 2009, with the support of the Sembawang Community Centre, we conducted a series of three workshops on kathakali to gauge the level of enthusiasm among Singaporeans and the expat community. Spurred on by an enthusiastic response, Mudra was born.

Since then, Mudra have organised performances by professional groups from India with 'subtitles' in English so that audiences are better able to follow the narratives, as well as several workshops and demonstrations among smaller groups of interested participants.

Past Major Events:
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President : Achuthan T.K
Secretary : Mathoor Suresh Panikkar
Treasurer :  Mulavannulli Subramanian

Founded Year: