Ravanavijayam (Victory of Ravana)

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
 “Ravana Vijayam” meaning the Victory of Ravana” is  written by Rajaraja Varma Koyi Thampuraan, aliyas Cherunni Koyi Thampuran, alias Kareendran (King Elephant).  His extraordinary poetic skils and scholarship is profound throughout the play.  Pleased with his abilities, Reagent Queen of Travancore, took him from Kilimaanoor to Trivandrum.  Became a co-student with renowned lyricist cum composer Swathi Thirunal.  Kareendran passed away at a young age of 35, in 1845 CE.
 Ravana was living happily in his place, Lanka.  One day when he was relaxing after a passionate session with his wife, Mandodari, a messenger deputed by Ravana’s half-brother, Vaisravana, approaches and conveyes his Lord’s words.  Vaishravana himself was happy after leaving Lanka (of which he was the ruler before Ravana deceivingly won it), in total dedication to Lord Siva.  However, Ravana’s mis-deeds leading to ridiculing the world with the strength of powerful boons obtained from the Lord of Creation (Brahma) is not in the right direction.  That he demands the rights of the Lords of heaven as well as kidnapping other females do not yield him what is desirable in a life.  Ravana becomes furious at this unwarranted advice and beheads the messenger.  Deciding to teach his brother a lesson, he, mobilizes the army and proceeds to Alakapuri, the kingdom of Vaishravana.  On the way, since it has become dusk, he gives rest to the forces and he himself retires for relaxation, when Rambha, a divine beauty passes by.  Ravana interprets her and expresses desire to have her.  She replies that she was on her way to meet Nalakoobara, her lover and the son of Vaishravana.  Ravana pleads again in vain and finally rapes her.  Rambha delivers a curse, conveying that any further attempt on a lady without consent would result in Ravana’s head s exploding.  Nevertheless, Ravana proceeds, challenges his half-brother.  In the succeeding battle, Ravana attains victory and returns.  On the way, his path is obstructed the Great Mount Kailasa.  Ravana, uproots the mount itself and tosses it with his all 20 powerful hands.  Pleased with his power, Shiva presents himself and offers Ravana a divine sword, Chandrahaasam.  Victorious Ravana and the army returns to Lanka.

Translated by Thiranottam Dubai