Arjuna vishada vrutham

Story Play (Attakkatha): 

Arjuna Vishada Vruttham
Written and transslated by Rajasekhar P Vaikom

The story line taken from Mahabharatha.
'Dussala', the lone sister of hundred Kauravas, is the central character

Context of the Scene: 1

The 'Arjuna Vishada Vruththam' is centered on the character Dussala, the lone sister of Kauravas. Dussala was married to Jayadratha, the king of Sindhu.  Jayadratha though valorous was wicked.  While Pandavas were exiled to forest by Kauravas, one day in the forest Jayadratha saw Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas. Her husbands were away and she was alone. Jayadratha approached his sister-in-law Draupadi. She greeted him and welcomed him. But his intentions were different and asked her to abandon her husbands and to go with him. When she refused, he abducted her in his chariot.  A sage reported the incident to the Pandavas and they rushed to the scene. They were able stop Jayadratha and save Draupadi. Yudhishtira, the eldest Pandava prevented his younger brother Bhima from killing Jayadratha out of consideration for their sister Dusshala.. Bhima spared Jayadratha but shaved off his hair and mustache on one side to ridicule him. Jayadratha who lost his face in front of Pandavas went to the dense forest to do penance and please the God Siva. At the end of a long penance the God gave him boons to keep all Panadavas except Arjuna to at bay in the war for one day. (Arjuna already had obtained Pasupathastram from the Lord Siva & that is why  'except Arjuna').

After getting the boon, Jayadratha reaches his Palace. The first scene of Arjuna Vishada Vruttham opens here. Dussala, the wife of Jayadratha, is very displeased to see her husband. She retires to the palace garden and sits alone weeping.  She had come to know about the happenings in the 'Kamyaka' forest where her husband tried to molest and kidnap his sister-in -law Draupadi.

Scene: 2

Duta enters

Scene 3

This scene  opens with Arjuna and Lord Krishna returning from the battlefield after winning a hectic war with 'samsapthakas' (suicide squads) on the thirteenth day of the war. The enemies had strategically isolated Arjuna far away to the southern side of the main battlefield in order to facilitate Dronacharya  to form a 'Padma Vyuha' (an army formation as a lotus flower) to capture Yudhisthira in the absence of Arjuna . No one except Arjuna had the knowledge to break this formation (Vyuha) and come out of it. Arjuna's son, the brave young Abimanyu ventured to break the 'Padma vyuha', though he did not know how to come out of it. The Pandavas planned to shatter the vyuha once he disrupts it. But unfortunately with the power of Lord Siva's boon, Jayadratha blocked the Pandavas once Abhimanyu entered the Vyuha and thus he got trapped in it. He fought alone like a mighty warrior but Drona and other warriors fought with him unscrupulously and killed him. 

Scene 4
War on the 14th Day. Jayadratha hides in the battle field

Scenes 5 & 6 are not included 

Scene: 7:
After the war, Yudhisthira (Dharmaputra) the new king of Hastinapura, to wash off his sins, takes out an Ashwamedha Yaga wherein Arjuna follows a sacrificial horse with his army. The horse enters the Sindhu territory. Dussala's son Suradha, who was ruling that land dies of heart attack on knowing about Arjuna's  arrival with an  army. He had a small boy. Dussala takes this boy and approaches Arjuna and tells him to show mercy at least on that little boy.