Story Play (Attakkatha): 
This is the third play written by Irayimman Thampi (1783-1856). While his other two plays — Keechakavadham and Uttaraswayamvaram — are based on the Mahabharata, Dakshayagam is based on Mahabhagavatham. 
Emperor Daksha and his wife found a conch floating on a lotus leaf in River Kalindi. When Daksha took the conch it transformed into a beautiful girl. The girl Sathi did penance to get Lord Siva as her husband. In due course Siva married her.
Daksha was peeved with Siva since he left immediately after the wedding without telling anyone. Indra consoled him and thus Daksha went to Mount Kailasa to visit Siva but was stopped by Nandikeswara. Feeling slighted Daksha decided not to invite Siva for the yaga he was conducting. Sathi who heard about the yaga wanted to go to her father’s place but Siva in vain tries to dissuade her. Sathi who reached Daksha’s palace was insulted by her father. She returns to Siva and tells him that Daksha is no more her father and must be killed. Siva in his anger creates ferocious creatures Veerabhadra and Bhadrakali from his locks and orders them to disrupt Daksha’s yaga. They behead Daksha but on the intervention of the Gods Daksha regains his life with goat’s head. Daksha then seeks forgiveness from Lord Siva.
Main characters
Emperor Daksha


Translated by Achuthan TK