Hey, sweet voiced

Hey, sweet voiced, I consider this is my-
absolute fortune.
Hey, the crown of all those gorgeous ones,
that’s what has resulted now, considering what happened.
While in search of an unkown medicine,
a treasure string comes to your feet,
and would anyone kick it out ?
Here, come to this shrubbery,
hey cuckoo-voiced and the one with-
the gait of a lustful tusker, now-
to engage in the game of love.

Hey, the king of Rakshasas

Just as if a pearl shining in an absolutely blue cornshell, she assumed the facial expression and shivering in fear, with bowed head and closed palms, spoke thus:
Hey, the king of Rakshasas, release me,
appropriately now and listen to my words.
The one with all good qualities,
son of Vaishravana (lord of wealth) is my lover today,
know that, Oh! What could I do!!
Am like the wife of your son, now, to me,
please don’t behave like this. 

This night shining in full moon light

This night shining in full moon light,
alone, traversing, who you are, hey beauty?
Though clad in a blue satin,
am clearly seeing the beauty of a physique
Just like a golden string immersed in the blue waters of River Kalindi!!
The body that is above a tender leaf, words filled with nectar
as sweet as a cuckoo, rich with cheerfulness, 
just once, should you give your lips,

Hearing these words

Hearing these words of instructions, Ravana becomes furious and delivered that messenger to the messenger of death.
As prescribed in the verse, Ravana beheads the messenger with his sword.  Returns and decides to teach a lesson to his half brother. 

Hey the crown of Rakshasas

While charming his companion with a variety of passionate acts and while retiring to satisfied relaxation, a messenger deputed by Vaishravana, came near him and conveyed in all humility
Hey the crown of Rakshasas, Listen, the message of the king of kings,
without hesitation, hey the valorous!
The words that came out meticulously from him, I shall convey that
In total self dedication to Lord Siva,
after relinquishing Lanka, and by His kindness, happily

Lotus eyed

In the pleasantly sunlit private quarters, Ravana led his passionate wife, and spoke to her, his life partner.