Ettumanoor P Kannan

Ettumanoor P Kannan

Ettumanoor P Kannan was born on 25th March 1968, as the son of T S Parameswaran Moothathu and Ammini P Moothathu. He is one of the prominent Kathakali artists of the younger generation, and has made his mark in theatrical experiments in Kathakali.

His training spanned a long period, initially under Kalanilayam Mohankumar, and then under Kalamandalam Vasu Pisharody. He also underwent training under the celebrated Koodiyattam artist, Mani Madhava Chakyar.

Kannan mainly handles Pacha and Kathi characters, Pacha being his forte. He is a deep thinker about the theatrical aspects of Kathakali, and has brought out thoughtful experiments in Kathakali, as well as in other theatre forms. The stylistic enactment of the verses of Bhagavad Geeta, and innovations in Rugmangada Charitham Kathakali are recent demonstrations of this.

He is also equally equipped as a researcher/trainer who works in International Centre for Kerala Studies, University of Kerala as a field researcher. He is the Artistic director of Abhinavam School of Theatre Expressions, Centre for Research and Training in Kathakali, Thriruvananthapuram, Kerala. He presents lectures and demonstrations throughout the year in different parts of India and has conducted hand gesture language workshops for theatre goers.

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Kannan P
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Monday, March 25, 1968
Kalamandalam Vasu Pisharodi
Kalanilayam Mohankumar
Padmashri Mani Madhava Chakyar
First prizes for Kathakali in four State School Youth festiv
Kottakkal Krishnankutti Nair Endowment from PSV Natyasangham
Manganam Rama Pisharodi Award from Kottayam Kaliyarangu in 2
Sudheer Yuva Puraskaaram 2002.
Guru Chengannoor Raman Pillai Award for best Kathakali actor
International Centre for Kerala studies,
University of Kerala, Kariavattom,
Trivandrum, Kerala, INDIA.
kannan332002 at yahoo dot com
+91 9447021779