Oh! The most charming of all maidens

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
Each step she takes gets the swan in hand’s reach
Each step she takes gently, walking without stretch
Each step Damayanti and the swan took, the farther they went
From her friends, seeing this, the swan said thus in amusement.
Oh! The most charming of all maidens!
What are your intentions?
How are you planning to catch me?
I can fly off to the sky easily.
Youth has blossomed on you, yet you behave like a child
If the sensible were to see this, some would
Tease you and some others will scold.
You will lose your reputation and you will be left out in the cold.
You don’t need to catch me-I will stay your friend
More than your friends, it is me you want to trust and befriend
May the lord of this world and the love-god
Bless you to beget a husband you dreamed.
I live in the kingdom of Nala on Lord Brahma’s command
To train the beauties there to walk seductively around,
Enhancing their youth and advertising their charm  
This is not a lie and I intend no harm.