Confide in me happily, let your feelings unfurl

Story Play (Attakkatha): 

The sweet-voiced maiden, the crown among women,
her mind now swinging open slowly to the swan,
yet knowing that her mind is not fully open
the swan attempted to know her feelings for Nalan.
Confide in me happily, let your feelings unfurl,
Oh! King Bheema’s darling girl.
Trust me more than the trust you carry
For your pals; tell me without shyness and worry. 
Oh! The crowned one among the bright-eyed women
Oh! Sister of Dama, sweet maiden,
To which man your heart had been given
He will be the most blessed of all men.
Do not hesitate to tell me oh! Doe-eyed
Don’t let your shyness cause you to hide
I will help you to fulfil your wishes, oh! Sweet-bodied,
Will I ever let your name to be sullied?
Fulfilled will be your heart’s desires-
I assure you and that is a promise.