Enough your explanations


Enough your explanations are. We have diagnosed your illness. The only medicine is the caress and kisses from him without putting a request forward. So try to get his lips

When your body is full with love why should you wear many more ornaments? You just drop a nectarous smile meditating and chanting the mantras of ‘Rati’ (the Goddess of love and sex).

Don’t hesitate, proceed, encounter, arrow him with your flowery glances making your brow a bow and win, let us observe his exasperations and defeat, in hide.

Is he good in archery as I am in Vĩņa


Is he good in archery as I am in Vĩņa and music? Has he expertise in battle as I have in dancing? I referred ‘he’ for the visible god Arjuna 

Glancing at the charioted Arjuna, holding his mighty bow, performing the war resembling with a dance makes me realize the consequence for played the innocent hearts of many saints and made them erotic.

After loosening my tresses, and my jacket, when started to unveil my pleated apparels the string of my zone got broken and the gems and beads fell scattering around. Now I cannot explain more about my dream.

Oh, the lotus-eyed one!

"Oh, the lotus-eyed one! Due to your compassion, I am the most satisfied person.
This poor brahmin was treated by you in the grand palatial building.
Rather I am lucky, nothing else can be told.
Until my death and reach your feet, let you give me the ultimate devotion to you,
Oh the one who cannot be described or qualified in words! Now I am going home.
My wife is waiting for my return. Let us unite again please."

Oh moon like faced my beloved!

"Oh moon like faced my beloved! Enough of your fear.
I also thought the same you had said. Oh my lotus-eyed beauty.
I always forget myself when I am more interested in my devotees.
Hey sweet spoken, even after our association with each other,
so long don't you still know me? I am highly confused.
However you take the balance of flakes of rice happily.
You are the gem among wise women."

After we parted from teacher's hermitage..

"After we parted from teacher's hermitage,
 don't you perform Samavartanam* soon?
 Aren't you married ? You are living happily, aren't you?
 That is enough, I am quite hungry. I see something at your armpit, what is it?
One need not be shy in matters of food.
People tease me as a ravenous eater! ? It is quite true also."
Samavartanam* :  (end of education brahmas area and be ready for marriage)

The unbeatable Lord! Madhava Vishnu!

"The unbeatable Lord! Madhava Vishnu! be victorious, you are adored by Bhrama and others.
Oh, the charioteer to Arjuna!  let this poor brahmin tell something to you.
Meeting with sacred persons is auspicious but rarely occurs.
Oh Balabhadra’s brother! Many days passed since-
I had been wishing to meet you, I am not joking at all.
Due to one or other routine problems my wish remained unaccomplished. 

The noble minded brahmin! prostrating before you

Krishna made Kuchela to sit on the bed of Goddess Lakshmi and performed the normal worships (poojas) to adore Kuchela and smeared the chandana. In his beautiful voice he told Kuchela.
"Oh, the noble minded brahmin! I am prostrating before you.
Your benevolent act of coming to see me gives immense joy.
The virtuous you are! Did you suffer any difficulty during the journey?

Mukunda, the enemy of demons, to see him...

The noble brahmin told his wife thus and after performing the morning rituals in order, started his journey. He bathed in the ocean of devotion towards Krishna and became eager with happiness. During the journey, he saw auspicious omens and continued walking to Dwaraka ,where the beloved of Goddess Lakshmi resides.
Brahmin while he was walking alone to see Mukunda, the enemy of demons, thought thus.

Hey, the braves who stand at the main gate

At Dwaraka, along with the moon-faced Subhadra, Arjuna spent time joyfully, on realising that the festival will get over soon, Arjuna along with Subhadra got into the chariot and as Subhadra drove the chariot Arjuna spoke thus.
Hey, the braves who stand at the main gate,
If couragous, you come for a fight.
I'm the couragous brave Arjuna,
Son of Devendra.
Hey, witness, with no anguish- 

Hey Indra, come


Thus consoling the demoness,

Narakasura, who reached the heaven

ruled by Indra, with his eyes spitting

fire of rage and with thunderous

voice, said thus to Indra.


Hey Indra, … come….

Come for a fight on the battle field, with me

who is courageous.

I will win over all your powers

I am arrogant due to the boons from Brahma

Even if Vishnu comes for a duel, I am not

afraid, you fool….

I am comparable to the demons Madhu and

Kaitabha. See the enormous power that I possess.