O son of Brahma, O good-natured

O son of Brahma, O good-natured
Nurse no ill-will from now on.
All this misfortune came about
because of your heightened arrogance

Now you may forget all your sorrows
and live happily as you wish.
Let your glory spread till the sun and moon live
With Siva’s blessings let everything end well.

O Chandrachuda, hail to you

Daksha, who with Siva’s blessings was brought back to life with the head of a goat, concludes the sacrificial rites properly, prostrates in front of Lord Siva and praised him thus.

O Chandrachuda, hail to you
Victory to you, Lord of the Universe
Forgive me forever
for all my misdeeds, O Lord
Hail to you, God Almighty

Who is the arrogant one here..

Veerabahdran, with a thousand heads and two thousand arms, along with Bhadrakali and their retinue attacked Daksha’s abode.

Who is the arrogant one here doing these impure rites
with scant thoughts about Lord Siva?
If you don’t offer the Lord’s rightful share, you evil creature,
I will reduce your body, along with your rites, to powder.


Victory to you, O Sankara

Victory to you, O Sankara, we bow at your lotus feet
I am at your service, please order me what to do
Be it demons, gods or humans,
whoever be your enemy in this world
I will capture them all and
bring here right away, you watch me
If I so wish land will become sea,
mountains will become caverns,
earth will become ocean and