Hey Indra, come

Story Play (Attakkatha): 

Thus consoling the demoness,

Narakasura, who reached the heaven

ruled by Indra, with his eyes spitting

fire of rage and with thunderous

voice, said thus to Indra.


Hey Indra, … come….

Come for a fight on the battle field, with me

who is courageous.

I will win over all your powers

I am arrogant due to the boons from Brahma

Even if Vishnu comes for a duel, I am not

afraid, you fool….

I am comparable to the demons Madhu and

Kaitabha. See the enormous power that I possess. 

Stage Features: 


I have reached the heaven. The devas have closed the gates, out of fear, knowing that I am coming. Hey soldiers, break open the gates. Move … !!! Narakasura breaks open the gates and enters inside. I am seeing Heaven in all its splendour !! Knowing about my arrival, is Indra hiding himself out of fear? Let me challenge him for the war

After seeing Indra

Your body is full of eyes. Why? Won’t you say ? Then I will say.
Long back, you saw Ahalya, the wife of sage Gautama and desired her. In the night, you took the form of a rooster and made its sound as if it is dawn. The sage, thinking that it is dawn, got up and

went to the river to bathe. Then you took the form of the sage himself and went to Ahalya and enjoyed with her. Meanwhile the sage, understood the truth and came back home. Finding you along with Ahalya, he cursed you that your body be full of penises. Out of shame, you covered yourself and remained unseen. One day, some heavenly beauties spotted someone lying covered. When they opened the cover, they saw you and got disgusted. Then all of you went to the sage and requested for a relief in the curse. The sage then gave a relief that the body be covered with eyes. Didn’t it happen in this way?