Alas! I deceived

Alas! I deceived, by taking on the guise of a saint
No less ( higly significant )!, sin in it.
Promptly you falling at my feat!. thinking of it!
'Shocked' - not a joke!
This all my disgrace, hey Madhava (Krishna).
Hey, the Lotus - eyed, with your kindness
will I ave any sorrow! the destroyer of sin, the God.
Hey, the one being worshiped by Brahma*, I'm your servent.
Hey, the one being worshiped by heavenly saints.
(Please) Hear my words the omnipresent, Kesava**, SourE***
Brahma* - The creator god, one of the three supreme gods in along with Shiva and Vishnu. 
Kesava** - Another name of Vishnu.
SourE** - Narasimha , Lion-man . One of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu.