Hey, the braves who stand at the main gate

At Dwaraka, along with the moon-faced Subhadra, Arjuna spent time joyfully, on realising that the festival will get over soon, Arjuna along with Subhadra got into the chariot and as Subhadra drove the chariot Arjuna spoke thus.
Hey, the braves who stand at the main gate,
If couragous, you come for a fight.
I'm the couragous brave Arjuna,
Son of Devendra.
Hey, witness, with no anguish- 

Not just that!, Madhava, surprising!

Not just that!, Madhava*, surprising!
whole battleground covered with- 
cluster of hairpieces of elephants and horses!
(while none were bruised)
Our's Arjuna is indeed a hero!
As the actors start enacting these verses, they perform a specific sequence of steps called 'Ashtakalasam'.
Ashtakalasam is a series of dance compositions in Kathakali performed to express the extreme state of happiness.