Durvasav (The Sage)


Wonder! Wonder! All these happenings

Wonder!  Wonder! All these happenings –
Happily I am taking leave.
That stupid, arrogant, naughty Duryodhanan –
His pride, I shall destroy.

[While Rishi was about to release the curse, Dharmaputra obstructs]

May all auspiciousness be with you,

hey, the ruler of Bharata, the shining crown pearl
[Durvaasaa blesses Dharmaputra and takes leave.  Dharmaputra returns to a state of peace to end the scene.]

Hey, Lord who wears horned moon

The arrogant Durvasa, prompted by Duryodhana, along with his disciples, approached the king, immersed in thoughts about Lord Siva.
Hey, Lord who wears horned moon, guard me –
the Lord of Letters, guard me. 
Hey they one whose feets are invoked by– 
the gods such as Indra, guard me.


[Dharmaputra receives Durvasa]