O beautiful and lotus-faced



Having listened to Arjuna’s brave words, the Brahmin told him that he will return when his wife is due to deliver and reached home; and with honeyed words he placated his grieving wife and spoke thus.


O beautiful and lotus-faced, hear my words.;

my dearest, please do not cry

Your sorrow will vanish, what we desire will

come true and bring us joy, my wife


When I went into the Yadava court with our

Alas! O God! what shall I do?



As Krishna and Arjuna stayed happily together in Dwaraka, a Brahmin suffered the deaths at birth of his eight children in eight years. When the ninth son also died, the Brahmin came to the royal court with the dead body of the infant and wailing loudly spoke thus.

Alas! O God! what shall I do?

Alas! Who is there to help me?


There is no peace in all the worlds

for a man with no sons, it’s certain, O God


May you be blessed


May you be blessed – Hey the famous, valorous great one

The noble one you are – who killed the powerful demon – Now on, we do not have concerns

The most horrible Bakan – You brought death to him – We shall reciprocate with blessing – What else we could do


The vehicle is this – look


The vehicle is this – look – with all the foodstuff loaded

Along with all that you need, alight this, leave out all concerns, please move, hey the valorous one

At you go from here a little distance and you would sense the nauseating smell of corpses and see a huge forest – which would also be agitated by storm-like wind

What else could I say, hey strong and merciful one-  If my dedication to god is true, may you attain the strength to kill that demon


There is demon who lives here


There is demon who lives here.  Daily, in turn, we have to give him one human (to eat)

Hey the pearl amongst ladies, listen to the reason for this grief

Previously, due to fear that he would destroy all people in one go, we had given him a promise with immense sorrow

Hill-heaped cooked rice, 100 pot-fulls of curry and one human – would be given to him on a daily basis – is the assurancee gaven

Today, it is our to give that – For that a human is not available – That is the reason for this sorrow

Oh! My dear soul



Thereafter, one Brahmin couple, embracing their childred seated on their lap, and with utmost terror from demon Baka, wept and articulated thus to ech other

Oh! My dear soul, what shall I do now here?

God’s will – could anyone obstruct that? Oh! God, God! This grief – how can I express!!

The horrendous Bakan – to take for him – there is none other than me!!

If it gets delayed a bit, like the god of death he would be seen near us