Alas! O God! what shall I do?

Story Play (Attakkatha): 


As Krishna and Arjuna stayed happily together in Dwaraka, a Brahmin suffered the deaths at birth of his eight children in eight years. When the ninth son also died, the Brahmin came to the royal court with the dead body of the infant and wailing loudly spoke thus.

Alas! O God! what shall I do?

Alas! Who is there to help me?


There is no peace in all the worlds

for a man with no sons, it’s certain, O God


My son, why aren’t you crying? 

my beautiful son, is this the fate

of your cursed father, O Lord!


O Yadava princes, please listen to me

my sorrow is unbearable, I haven’t done 

anything immoral, what’s my sin, My God?


Alas! Here look at my infant son lying

with his eyes closed; eight sons like this

I lost, all due to this rotten king’s reign


Does Krishna, who is weighed down by having to

care for thousands of wives and children,

have any time to save this poor Brahmin?