Champa 5 mathras


Wonder! Wonder! All these happenings

Wonder!  Wonder! All these happenings –
Happily I am taking leave.
That stupid, arrogant, naughty Duryodhanan –
His pride, I shall destroy.

[While Rishi was about to release the curse, Dharmaputra obstructs]

May all auspiciousness be with you,

hey, the ruler of Bharata, the shining crown pearl
[Durvaasaa blesses Dharmaputra and takes leave.  Dharmaputra returns to a state of peace to end the scene.]

Take this sacred vessel

Take this sacred vessel, and which –
Till Panchali eats – as if by mystery–
shall produce food as much as desired –
this would make you happy
[Percussion with Chenda played on the loose end.  Dharmaputra receives the pot in all respect and wonder.  He bows and the Sun-God slowly disappears .
 Dhaumya enters from right, Dharmaputra meets with him and shows him the pot.  The Maharshi blesses and departs