Champata 8 mathras


Who has come here, you fool?

When Hanuman reaches Lanka quickly in search of Sita, amorous Lankalakshmi (demoness), who is guarding Lanka as per the orders of Ravana, showing her ferocious canine teeth and red eyes, with boisterous laugh and knitting the brow, told Hanuman.

Who has come here , you fool? 

When I am guarding here on Ravana’s

instructions, you can consider yourself dead



Enough, enough you moon-faced

Enough, enough you moon-faced, don’t be sad
You remain strong and confident
I am going to kill him in due course
I have killed cruel demons such as Jatasura
and this is no big deal for me.
is it hard for the wind that fells trees
to blow away cotton?
Yet today I must not defy
the words of Yudhishtira