naLacharitham second day

Scene 1 – The Royal Palace, Nishadha Kingdom
Quatrain set to Thodi Ragam
Having entered into a wedlock amidst the assembly, consecrated by Gods such as Indran, with rare  blessings, and returned home from the brides domicile, Nala enchanted Damayanthi with charming words

naLacharitham first day

Nalancharitham Day-1
By Unnayi Varrier
Purappaadu – a routine normally performed to introduce one or more of the major charecters in a play, in this case King Nalan.
The verse: (Thodi ragam)
Once the heaven like Nishadha Kingdom,used to be ruled by a king named Nalan,   a legendary man of just, as handsome as the Lord of Love , a man of valor and son of Veerasena

Nalacharitam readies for first-ever complete portrayal abroad

photo by Sreevalsan Theeyyadi
Critic K B Raj Anand of the 26-year-old Trust functioning from Karalmanna off Cherplassery is also part of the ongoing Nalacharitam initiative. “His suggestions on employment of rhythm to the lyrics and their speed have been vital,” notes M K Aniyan, who is coordinating the whole exercise right from the germination of the idea last year.

Two-tracked Music Till Twilight Hour

Cherthala Thankappa Panikkar Photo by Sreevalsan Theeyyadi

Tune-wise, Panickar experimented a lot by introducing ragas less familiar to Kathakali, thanks also to a solid base he had from Carnatic music lessons in childhood. “Further, a five-year Shastri course I did in Sanskrit ensured proper pronunciation and breaking of words in the lyrics,” says the master, whose music was documented in the mid-1980s by (late) classical vocalist-scholar Dr S Ramanathan.

Kathakali- A Fusion Art

There is no other theater form which imposes a world of illusion the way Kathakali does. Grandeur unparalleled, befittingly non-worldly, stylization ultimate, drama evocative and magically surrealistic, Kathakali is the wonder of theater. Often designated as total theater, Kathakali offers more than theatrics. It encompasses artistry of painting and metafiction narrative with touches of metaphysical presentation. Synthetic in its origin, but cleverly masked by intelligent craft, Kathakali has the essentials of modernity in technique and delivery.