(Parvana sasivadane) O full-moon faced, lotus-eyed

Story Play (Attakkatha): 


After being invited to attend the Rajasuya yaga and while staying happily in the top tower in
Indraprastha, seeing the Kalpavriksha trees and feeling the light breeze on a moonlit night the
valiant Duryodhana spoke to his wife thus.
(Parvana sasivadane)
O full-moon faced, lotus-eyed
see the garden in the Pandava palace
The vines swaying in the gentle breeze
are dancing like beautiful women
Peacocks mistake your dark tresses for clouds
and start dancing with delight
O beloved, the moon reminds one of desire
my wife, please embrace me.



Stage Features: 
Duryodhana's Grand entrance ( thiranottam )  - followed by Duryodhana's scene with Bhanumathi.