Hey, the crown-gem of moon dynasty

Story Play (Attakkatha): 

Hey, the crown-gem of moon dynasty, I am Lord Indra’s charioteer – please know that in mind

With thickened happiness, (He) instructed me and hence came here- Please consider that



After the padam, they engage in an exchange of pleasantries.  Arjuna inquires about the heaven.

"The one who is the Lord of gods who receive the sacrifices and who is the husband of Sachee, my father, is he doing well?

Puloma Rishi’s daughter, my mother, Sachee Devi, is she living happily?

Their son, Jayanthan, is he making them happy?

I am curious to meet them.

Hey, Charioteer, Mathalee, You may lead the vehicle to the heaven."

Then they encircle the chariot and board it.  Mathali drives and departs as if to heaven to conclude the scene


Imaginative enactments: