Paying homage to Indrani

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
Paying homage to Indrani, Arjuna slowly proceeded for sight-seeing. 
His sorrow was removed, and in joy filled his heart, Thereafter followed by Indrani’s eyes And he returned.
He alighted from the tall palace, walked around in various junctions and Arjuna’s handsomeness shined in places. 
All the angels became overpowered by the Lord of Love. And they all were immersed in an ovean of curiousness
To attract him, some started singing, some displayed amorous movements, some were wonderstruck and some just bowed, 
At that time, seeing the physical beauty of Arjuna, It was as if the God of Love himself decided to play a part
In great hurry, some ladies came down in the gardens, the angels became rejoiced and, 
They plucked flowers and, They wore them on hair.  All of them endeavored to enhance their appearance.
The ladies drank honey – and they forgot about their own husbands – laziness crept into their minds, Beautiful women also, Resorted to dancing.