Saying thus, Hanuman jumped from the

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
Saying thus, Hanuman jumped from the   top of the Mount Mahendra, rubbing against Mount Mainaka (which is said to be the son of Himalaya) with his chest on the way. On the way, he passed through  Surasa’s mouth and came out through her ear. There after he killed Simhika and  continued his journey and reached  Lanka.  


Stage Features: 

I feel very happy now. Why do I feel  happy? Yes, I got it. Lord Sri Rama who is the protector of the  entire three worlds called me one day  secretly and said: Hanuman      Hey Hanuman, I strongly believe that you  have the capability to find out Sitadevi. I  will give you my ring (Anguliya). You have to give her the same and tell  that it’s given by the sages of  Dandakaranya. Rama gives him ring. Hanuman bows in  front of Lord Rama and receives it. I obey your order my Lord. Let me go in search of Sitadevi immediately. I have got the information  about the place where Sitadevi stays,  from the great devotee Sambadi, (the  elder brother of Jatayu).  Not only that, I am more confident about  my strength today because I knew about  the story of my birth from one of the  oldest members in our clan Jambavan,  the son of Lord Brahma. Hence let me  start immediately.
Hanuman is gazing at the ocean. 
Ocean is so boisterous. It’s so vast with  uproarious shouting. Waves rise to the  height of a huge mountain. Hanuman      It seems like this violent nature of the sea  is all illusions created by demons sent by  Ravana to obstruct my way.  I can see a large number of  –Fishes –Crocodiles –Tortoises –Conches…..  etc. How can I jump across this dreadful  ocean and meet Sitadevi in Lanka? It’s shame on me….. Why should I be  afraid of when Lord Rama’s ring is with  me.? Hanuman      When gazing at the sea again, he sees  Mount Mahendra.  Let me see the ocean from the top of the  mountain.  (Looking at the ocean again) Opposite  bank is not visible.  To his fellow monkeys: “Don’t worry. I will  come back immediately after meeting  Sitadevi in Lanka. You all cann keep chanting the name of  Srirama Hanuman evokes ‘Thrimurthis’, his father  ‘Vayudeva’ and Lord Srirama. Hanuman             Nalamiratti Melam Hanuman salutes all of them.  Enlarges his body.  Making the roaring sound of a lion, he  jumps . Thalam : Thriputa Hanuman flies across the ocean. (This is  presented with a peculiar form of dance.) Hanuman: (seeing a mountain) who are  you? (listening to the reply) Oh….you are  the mount Mainakam, son of Himavan? You have been sent by Lord Varuna for  me to take rest and have refreshments?  Hey Mainakam, Lord Srirama has entrusted  me with some important work.  So I don’t have time to rest now.  Please proceed now considering that I have  received your honour. Hanuman sees Mainaka off, stroking on it,  and continues his journey. Seeing another obstacle, Surasa, on the  way, he watches her from head to toe. (Hanuman himself acts as   Surasa here)Hanuman: Who are you? Why do you block  my way? Surasa: I am very hungry Hanuman: What should I do?Surasa: I am living here (as ordered by Lord  Brahma) by devouring the people coming  on this way. Hanuman: Am I your foodstuff today?  Wait….I am going to fulfil the wishes of  Sriramaswami.  I will finish my work and on the way back I  will surrender myself to satiate your hunger. Surasa: No Hanuman: You want now itself? (thinking) Hanuman enlarges his body and challenges  Surasa to swallow him. Surasa (looking at  hanuman) opens her mouth widely like a  cave.  Hanuman enlarges himself again. Surasa opens her mouth wider.  Hanuman enlarges himself again and Surasa opens her mouth still wider.  Hanuman evokes the Lord for a moment,  shrinks his body, enters her mouth and  comes out through her ear within no timeHanuman salutes Surasa. Hanuman: Oh Devi, may I know who you  are? Surasa: I am Surasa, the snake goddess. Hanuman: Why did you block my way? Surasa: I have been sent by Devas to test  your strength and valour. Hanuman: Let me go. Please give me a way. Hanuman salutes Surasa and continues his  journey. Then, Chayagrahini, a demoness who lives  in the middle of this ocean tries to stop  Hanuman by holding on to his shadow.  When he is not able to move, Hanuman  looks at and understands the matter. Hanuman: Here, there is a demoness pulling my shadow. (Looking at it and thinks  who it is)    Yes…it is Chayagrahini who lives here as  ordered by King Ravana to prevent the  enemies from entering Lanka. At the end of the kalasham, Hanuman kills  Chayagrahini and continues his journey. Chempata Melam Hanuman reaches Lanka. Sees the city of Lanka afar.  Reminisces everything looking at the ring.It’s not possible to enter into Lanka now.  Let me wait till dusk.  Sits there and looks around.  This place is shining like gold because of  sunrays. Examining the seashore sand,  wonders: “not like gold, gold itself”. “What  is the reason for this?” (Thinking) “It’s my father’s contribution  only.  Long ago, there was a competition between  my father Vayudeva and the Serpent Lord  Anantha to find who was the most  powerful in this world.  Both claimed they were the omnipotent. At  that moment, Lord Devendra came as an  arbitrator and put a condition. Devendra: (To Ananthan) Hey Ananthan,  you cover all the peaks of the mount  Mahameru with your hoods.  (To Vayudeva) Hey Vayudeva, You smash  any of these peaks if you can. Accepting Indra’s conditions, Anantha covered all the peaks with it’s hoods.  Vayu blew very powerfully. But he couldn’t  succeed in his attempt.  Having failed, Vayu tried a trick. He hid for some time.  Since there was no presence of Vayu,  Anantha thought Vayu had failed in the  competition and lifted one of its hoods and  looked around. Utilising this moment, Vayu struck  powerfully and plucked a peak. It fell down  in the middle of the sea and the island of  Lanka was formed.   Thus it happened. Hanuman touches the ground with  veneration and salutes. Its twilight now. Let me try to enter now. Graceful and mighty Lanka is seen fortified  with huge compound walls and tall towers  around. It’s protected with deep trenches  which prevent enemies to enter. Hanuman sees seven trenches.  The first trench is full of crocodiles The second one with venomous snakes  which produce hissing sound.  The third one is full of fire The fourth one is full of  sharp arrows. Hanuman jumps all the trenches together  and continues. Soldiers are standing in all the entrances  with weapons. Here in this entrance, one lady stands  holding a tree on her hand. Let me enter through this entrance  stealthily. (Thinks) If I go with this body, she will  notice. What is the ruse then?  Let me shrink the size of my body and enter  inside. Hanuman shrinks his body and enters  inside.  Turns and departs 


Imaginative enactments: