Hey shameless, stop your words

Story Play (Attakkatha): 

Hey shameless, stop your words.

Show your strength in the battle field.

Hey warrior, come to the battle field

Stage Features: 

(Narakasura defeats Indra)

Indra has run away. Now let me see the heaven. There, I can a silver mountain moving towards me. What is this? Right, this is Indra’s elephant Airavatha with four tusks. Go away. You will not go? Come for a fight with me. Defeats it and swirls it away (Sees Adithi’s ear rings) Takes her ear rings. Collects them and pushes her away Now let me take some royal umbrellas, Alavattam and Venchamaram. Collects themNow let me uproot some kalpavrukshas. Uproots the Kalpvruksha. Seeing that while uprooting, some roots are getting cut-off, uproots the whole soil beneath

and keeps in the chariot. Now let me capture some heavenly beauties. Now let me capture some heavenly beauties (Hearing their voices) They are there behind the wall. Breaks the wall, captures them en masse and puts them in the chariot. Now everything is complete. Hey charioteer, please drive the chariot back to earth. Hey soldiers, let us go back. Now let me return to earth. Starts his return to the palace. Naalaam Iratti.


The End.

Imaginative enactments: