Ha Ha brave giant..

Story Play (Attakkatha): 

Kirmeera after the routines inside the screen, performs curtain-gaze. 

Followed by Self - Enactment :

The litereture is hardly enacted now a days.. Rather this include Kirmeera's  Self Enactment . The reference to this enactment is provided below. 



Kirmeera's Self - Enactment :

(Display of pride)

I am so happy now

What could be the reason?oh yes

Because there is no one as strong and valorous as me

In all the three worlds, there just is no none

That is why i am so happy

Now, what is to be done?

Now i shall perform pooja to thelord of the world, shiva for sure

(Instructing an aide to prepare items needed for pooja – kindi, mani, shanku, flowers, sandal etc. )

Opens the temple, the first ritual – abhishekam

(Concentration getting disturbed by a sound )–

that is nearing!

A sound is being heard, what could that be?

Whatever, that should not be affecting me and going back

That is not silly at all.  my ears are piercing.

What the hell was that?

Are the moutains striking in the mid air?  such is this sound.

No, it cannot be mountains striking on mid air.  long back, lord indra and chopped off the wings of mountains and placed them on earth

Hence this is not the sound of mountains

Let me think about it, no, i shall investigate about it.

From far away a glow of blood is seen.   what is that?

And one lady is approaching with her ears and breasts chopped off and filled in blood

And that is approaching me.  who could this be?

Oh , she is my sister, simhika

Tell me sister, who has done this?

Hey sister, who has doe this?  tell me quickly

(Listening to her naration)

Ii shall chop off their  neck, and that blood i shall pour in your mouth with my sword

(Sending her away)

After prayers to Lord Siva, while sitting in all pride, hears a horrible sound.  Proceeds to inquire the source

Sees a movement far away, and while contemplating with surprise, enacts that a messenger has come and informed.  Here, Kirmeera himself acts as Simhika

Enacts as Simhika, rid of nose, ears and breast, approaching, her words.  As Kirmeera, listens and tells her that the ones who made you like this shall be killed and his blood would be given to you in return

After Consoling Simhika

Let me endeavor for the war

Asking an aide to bring his charriot

Asking others to get ready his weapons

charriot is ready.  carrying out inspection.

Receiving the weapons etc and placing them.

Preparing bow,  bow is tested by pulling on the string

Performs quadra-swift culmination, prepares for war, takes the weapons, boards chariot and goes in search of the humans.

Imaginative enactments: