Ha Ha brave giant..


Kirmeera after the routines inside the screen, performs curtain-gaze. 

Followed by Self - Enactment :

The litereture is hardly enacted now a days.. Rather this include Kirmeera's  Self Enactment . The reference to this enactment is provided below. 



Kirmeera's Self - Enactment :

(Display of pride)

I am so happy now

What could be the reason?oh yes

Because there is no one as strong and valorous as me

The delighted Rishis


The delighted Rishis, gave Bheema great blessings and congratulations.  Thereafter the sky-walking Vidyaadharas showered flowers on the son of Pandu.


--------------- [ END]  ----------------

Hey, the ocean of great valor



As Kirmeera was killed, his companions ran away hither-thither.  The rejoiced Rishis came and congratulated Bheema


Hey, the ocean of great valor – our worries have been removed – hey, noble-minded

The one with powerful arms – you shall always have auspiciousness

The inimitable demons – You killed them in the battle - Due to that we can stay in the forest in peace

Performing godly sacrifices here – we – near the curvy shores of River Ganges – We shall live happily


You shameless, human stupid


You shameless, human stupid, On this vast chest of yours,

Group of weapons would dance around

Defend these weapons, you human-bloody!!, defend these weapons



[After the padam, battle routine.  In the ensuing battle, Bheema kills Kirmeera by hitting on the chest.]

Defend these weapons

With increased vigour, those valorous demon and king, challenged each other, and with utter enemity and anxiety, lifting the club, striking the earth with palms, angrily engage in the battle vociferously.
Defend these weapons – you Demon,
the worst, Defend these weapons.
Hey, the ignoramus devil – you would be mutilated
and to the death--land – you would go within a moment.
Defend these weapons – you Demon,
the worst, Defend these weapons.

With the troups resembling ocean



After consoling Simhika, who fell on the earth by chest, but arose, who was bathed in blood, and became like Neelgiri Mountan valley, that Kirmeera, shaking the earth, went for war and challenged Bheema


With the troups resembling ocean, I have come here

to destroy and crush enemies efficiently

Stupid, have a look at my smartness,

Come, stupid have a look.


Like a woman is your arm-power, you arrogant,

Like thunder – with my beatings – to send you away soon –

is capable – you creature.