What a surprise ! if you think, Oh my beauties!

The poor brahmin lady was showered with immense and auspicious wealth due to the power of Sree Krishna. Seeing this, all her friends gathered and told among themselves the following.
Vridha(the old woman):

"What a surprise ! if you think,  Oh my beauties!
this brahmin lady was even unable to meet her hunger at dusk.
Now what a luck is showered upon her!

Ha Ha brave giant..


Kirmeera after the routines inside the screen, performs curtain-gaze. 

Followed by Self - Enactment :

The litereture is hardly enacted now a days.. Rather this include Kirmeera's  Self Enactment . The reference to this enactment is provided below. 



Kirmeera's Self - Enactment :

(Display of pride)

I am so happy now

What could be the reason?oh yes

Because there is no one as strong and valorous as me

Devesa Mukunda ( Praising Vishnu )

Afterwards noticing battle field at Ravathaka Mountains, the Brahmins spoke each other cheerfully.
( First 2 lines - Praising the Lord Vishnu )
Did you hear? hey Brahmins, 
this rumour, well-known throughout this land! 
Didn't you see that Saint before?
Highly Handsome and striking! 
(he) aducted attractive Subhadra,