Enough my lotus eyed one!..

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
"Enough my lotus eyed one!, eating these rotten flakes of rice.
Don’t you have any mercy towards me. Now I feel that you don't have.
From the day of wedlock onwards, I am staying with you peacefully.
Oh the foe of Chaidyas*! Oh my husband! Do you forget me, my benevolent one!
Do you decide to make me a servant to the wife of the old brahmin**?
If husbands go on doing such silly matters, wives will have to talk openly to stop such things.
Dear husband, do not take my words as nuisance. I cannot bear these things all my beloved."
*Chaidyas are a group like Asuras who were killed by Sree Krishna.
*When Sree Krishna eat the flakes of rice, wealth accumulated in the house of Kuchela. If he ate the whole of it, Rukmini will have to go to Kuchela’s house as a servant. Hence she asks about the mercy towards her.