Oh my beauty! These are wonderful in nature.

Wearing ornaments enthusiastically, the Brahmin lady came out along with friends. She approached her husband who was standing wonderstruck. Along with him, she entered the house and prostrated before him. After she sat on the beautiful coat, the brahmin told her thus:
"Oh my beauty! These are wonderful in nature.
The mercy of Sree Krishna, whose vehicle is Garud, gave us immense and unending wealth.

What a surprise ! if you think, Oh my beauties!

The poor brahmin lady was showered with immense and auspicious wealth due to the power of Sree Krishna. Seeing this, all her friends gathered and told among themselves the following.
Vridha(the old woman):

"What a surprise ! if you think,  Oh my beauties!
this brahmin lady was even unable to meet her hunger at dusk.
Now what a luck is showered upon her!

Oh, the lotus-eyed one!

"Oh, the lotus-eyed one! Due to your compassion, I am the most satisfied person.
This poor brahmin was treated by you in the grand palatial building.
Rather I am lucky, nothing else can be told.
Until my death and reach your feet, let you give me the ultimate devotion to you,
Oh the one who cannot be described or qualified in words! Now I am going home.
My wife is waiting for my return. Let us unite again please."

Happy by the reunion with you today..

"I am quite happy by the reunion with you today.
 All of my sins perished and I am in the ultimate joy. not at all joking,
Oh the wise one! Once, cuckoo likes sounded Panchali gave me country green (cheera).
After that today only I am happy and satisfied with food.
I did not fancy that the flakes of rice you brought will be so sweet.
Affection between us is so great. "

Oh moon like faced my beloved!

"Oh moon like faced my beloved! Enough of your fear.
I also thought the same you had said. Oh my lotus-eyed beauty.
I always forget myself when I am more interested in my devotees.
Hey sweet spoken, even after our association with each other,
so long don't you still know me? I am highly confused.
However you take the balance of flakes of rice happily.
You are the gem among wise women."

Enough my lotus eyed one!..

"Enough my lotus eyed one!, eating these rotten flakes of rice.
Don’t you have any mercy towards me. Now I feel that you don't have.
From the day of wedlock onwards, I am staying with you peacefully.
Oh the foe of Chaidyas*! Oh my husband! Do you forget me, my benevolent one!
Do you decide to make me a servant to the wife of the old brahmin**?
If husbands go on doing such silly matters, wives will have to talk openly to stop such things.