Kottayam Thampuran's attakathha


Do not be dim, do not be

Seeing the difficulties that these handsome and peace-minded Pandavas are in due to ill-doings of the sons of Gandhari, Krishna, after receiving the respectful greetings along with Balarama, spoke thus.

Do not be dim, do not be, hey Pandavas
Do not be dim, do not be, hey Pandavas, do not grieve.
Hey the ornament of Bharata ancestry, listen to my words
Others and self – those who differentiate thus –
if such people grieve – that is appropriate. 

Be my savior, hey lotus-eyed

Thereafter, seeing Lord Krishna, the invincible heavenly tree,  arrived with Balarama, Dharmaputra, spoke these humble words:
Be my savior, hey lotus-eyed,
the one who shows compassion to dependents, Hey the protector of the world! 
[[Hey winter-moon-faced, killer of hell,
the one who killed demon Mura, hail hail, Hey Mukunda.
Hail, hail, the happiness provided,
Hey the protector of world. ]]

Hey the ocean of valor and justice

At a time when Arjuna had gone to attain divine weapons, Bheema, recalling the various cruel acts one by one, with total antagony towards the enemies, with rotated club and with sharp eyes, but with sorrow in heart, spoke to Dharmaputra.
Hey the ocean of valor and justice –  your pair of feet
hey noble one, I close my hands on them in respect – I bow on them
With wife – here – rid of valor – undergoing Rishis’ lives
– is it appropriate of you?