Arjjuna vishada vrutham


On hearing the news


On hearing the news that his Father’s enemy (Arjuna) is coming for a war again, the King Suradha (Son of Jayadratha) fell down and died out of shock. His mother Dussala on seeing the motionless body of her son fell into despair. She cried a lot and took her grandson and proceeded to meet Arjuna.


Scene 7


After the war, Yudhisthira (Dharmaputra) the new king of Hastinapura, to wash off his sins, takes out an Ashwamedha Yaga wherein Arjuna follows a sacrificial horse with his army. The horse enters the Sindhu territory. Dussala's son Suradha, who was ruling that land dies of heart attack on knowing about Arjuna's  arrival with an  army. He had a small boy. Dussala takes this boy and approaches Arjuna and tells him to show mercy at least on that little boy.


Don’t worry, my friend Arjuna


Don’t worry, my friend Arjuna. Your Oath will not be in vain.

I shall mask the sun soon and create a fake sunset.

Thinking that the Sun has set, Jayadrathan will come out. You may immediately kill him.

Do not let his head fall on ground. With your arrows let it fall on his father’s (Vrudhakhatra) hand.


Hi, Duryodhana ! Why this foul play in the war



Hearing about the Oath of Arjuna, Jayadratha planned to hide in the war field out of fear. War continued and when  only a short time was left for sunset, Arjuan furiously bid Jayadratha for a fight.

Hey! Jayadratha, why are you hiding like a coward? Come out and fight me face to face like a warriror.

Hi, Duryodhana ! Why this foul play in the war.  Let your brother-in-law come out for combat.