Arjjuna vishada vrutham


O! Respected King of Sindhu


Efforts by Lord Sri Krishna to avert the war failed.. War was imminent and both sides were preparing for it. A messenger from King Duryodhana came to King Jayadratha’s court to request him to participate in the war. 

O! Respected King of Sindhu, I am bowing before thee, who are the abode of valour and strength. I am a messenger sent by your brother-in-law, King Duryodhana.

The cunning Yadava (Krishna) came as an envoy from the son of Kunthi (Yudhishtira).

He requested that Duryidhana hand over half of his kingdom as a condition for peace.

Darling, you were created (by Brahma) with all lovely things


Darling, you were created (by Brahma) with all lovely things in the world like beautiful flowers, fragrant sandal paste mixed with the moon rays (according to mythology moon-light contains the essence of 'Amurth' - nectar).

Darling, the swans are bewitched by your exquisite incomparable gait and they try to imitage you.

The beautiful autumn night arrives in its chariot.

Wearing a beautiful necklace of stars



You are fond of that Draupadi


You are fond of that Draupadi ,

You are cheating me and all these are gestures are just 'drama'.

All around us, people are narrating your ill deeds

Yet you are shameless; as if these are feathers to your cap

Of your misdeeds in the Kamakya forest, I have learned from my maids.

You abducted Draupadi when she was alone

Her husbands came and rescued her

They fought with you and you were vanquished.

Oh! King ! and how they then humiliated you !


Please come near, my dear



In the lovely evening as parrots and cuckoos sang sweetly, the beautiful Queen Dussala was sitting in the garden in grief.  Her husband, Jayadratha, the valorous king appeared and told her thus in a sweet, romantic mood;


Please come near, my dear, oh! one with honeyed lips.

Dear (you are the) embodiment all fine qualities, why are you annoyed?

Your face, always like the bright morning sky.

Now for what reason, is it disturbed and cloudy? 

This is the (evening) time to enjoy in the majestic garden with sweet love talk. 

vandana SlOkam


After bowing and saluting the Lotus feet of Sri Parameswra, the deity of Sri Vaikom Temple, with much reverence and devotion, the story depicting the ‘Remorse of Arjuna’, is now being presented before this learned audience; Let that Lord Nataraja, who is fond of dancing bestow all  blessings.