Arjjuna vishada vrutham


My beloved Abhimanyu


My beloved Abhimanyu ! My dear son! Why did you take such a risk?

O! Such a great tragedy! You are the bud that we have nurtured so lovingly. And today your neck is shattered by the greed of our enemies.

Dear Krishna ! Are you not aware of this tragic end to our dear Abhimanyu.


Dear Keshava, who always



After slaying the suicide-squads called Samsapthakas , the Arjuna who returned happily in his chariot driven by Lord Krishna, suddenly started feeling uneasy for unknown reasons. He then asks  Lord Krishna thus


Dear Keshava, who always has compassion to devotees, my mind is restless and worried for no reason.

My left eye-brow is twitching incessantly (a bad omen according to Indian belief), my voice is shattering, I am losing my courage.  (I am seeing bad omens)

Scene 3


This scene  opens with Arjuna and Lord Krishna returning from the battlefield after winning a hectic war with 'samsapthakas' (suicide squads) on the thirteenth day of the war. The enemies had strategically isolated Arjuna far away to the southern side of the main battlefield in order to facilitate Dronacharya  to form a 'Padma Vyuha' (an army formation as a lotus flower) to capture Yudhisthira in the absence of Arjuna . No one except Arjuna had the knowledge to break this formation (Vyuha) and come out of it.