Rise, handsome prince


Rise, handsome prince; do not grieve,

you are the most valiant in your clan.

I wanted to feel the power of your arms

and that’s why I staged this fight.

I fought with you hard and thus

came to know your full prowess

I am most delighted with your blows;

I will wipe off the world’s misery.



O destroyer of Kamadeva




Arjuna falls on a bed of flowers, is sore all over, shaken and tired. He wakes up and makes a Sivalinga (Siva idol) with mud and starts worshipping it. He is surprised and confused to see that the flowers he offers to the Sivalinga are ending up on the Hunter’s head.

O destroyer of Kamadeva, look at my plight!

O Lord who washes away sins, please grant me death.

O Lord, the flowers that I offered are seen

on the head of a mere hunter,

Arjuna, on realising that he


Sloka: (chollezhum vijaya)


Arjuna, on realising that he has no more arrows in his quiver, beats the Hunter’s head with his bow whereupon Ganga, who resides in Siva’s locks, snatches the bow. A disillusioned Arjuna calls to the Almighty.

[The Hunter then flings Arjuna to the ground in a fist fight.]