O my husband’s brother, O Lakshmana

The golden deer fell with a roar hit by Rama’s arrow. Sita heard that sound and thought Rama was injured by the demon. She spoke to Lakshmana.

O my husband’s brother, O Lakshmana,
hear my husband’s cries in the forest
it’s the demons with their magic
please go and find out without delay
Alas! Alas! what can a woman do!
Oh what can I do!

O Daughter of Janaka

O Daughter of Janaka,
this demon who has come in the shape of a golden deer has turned into a ferocious tiger and is killing me.
My brother Lakshmana, are you forsaking me?
My dear Sita, are you too abandoning me?
(  Maricha who cries out in the voice of Rama to deceive Sita).