O dark-tressed beauty, O Sita

After instructing Mareecha what to do, Ravana sat in his chariot near Panchavati. Mareecha the magician took the form of a golden deer and played in the forest. Seeing that Rama spoke to Sita thus.

O dark-tressed beauty, O Sita, did you see
this most attractive golden deer
My beloved, it has come so near in the forest,
beautiful to see it romping about

Please hear my words, O Ravana


Please hear my words, O Ravana,

whose sound make enemies tremble

do not proceed against Rama

it is my considered opinion


Once when I went to disrupt

Viswamitra’s yaga

that great king unleashed

a divine arrow


He drove me to the ocean

where I had to spend many years

Rama then killed Subahu

and countless other demons


O Mareecha, illustrious demon



The gallant king of demons, pushed by the hand of death, went to meet Mareecha to plot the kidnapping of Rama’s wife Sita.

O Mareecha, illustrious demon and uncle, in my mind

grows an immense grief, please hear me


Dasaratha’s son Rama

came to the forest with his brother

O noble Rakshasa, my sister

Soorpanakha at the hands of Lakshmana


Got mutilated, ears and nose chopped

O gallant, blessed by the Goddess


O gallant, blessed by the Goddess of Wealth

O handsome, as good-looking as Kamadeva


Your words about bringing the pretty Sita

here is not at all appropriate


If you are strong, call Rama to war

and kill him with your arrows


Without that if you bring Sita here

it will be the end of this dynasty