Hail King of monkeys

Hail King of monekys

After hearing Narada’s words and not realising your powers
I ventured on this misadventure, O the bravest of the brave

Today you must forgive all, hail the son of Indra!
all these things happened, what else can I say!

O the ten-headed, O demon king!

O the ten-headed, O demon king! are you
the father of the one who captured Indra!
Are you the brave hero who lifted Mount Kailasa
with your bare hands and played with it!
Alas! would you like to live on the
rear-end of a monkey?
How long you have been here, tell me
and where is your powerful son?

Please see, O King of demons

Please see, O King of demons,
O Ravana, this is Bali.
The long and thick tail, the hands,
feet and face may instil fear
But don’t pay heed to that
it may run away if it sees us
There is a way, sneak from the rear, 
catch with your hand, watch its misery
Go ahead slowly and stealthily