O, dark-tressed beauty

Thus Valala passed that night consoling Malini. The next night he went and hid in the dance hall and waited for Keechaka just as a lion would lie in wait for an elephant. At that time, Keechaka, blinded by his lust for Malini and driven by the unseen hand of the God of death, came there and happily spoke thus.
O, dark-tressed beauty, petite woman, haven't you seen me?
Why are you silent? Have you fallen asleep?

O sister, the noblest of queens

Thinking that with the help of his sister (Sudeshna) he will be able to make this beautiful lady (Malini) submissive, Keechaka told Sudeshna. 
O sister, the noblest of queens,
at your lotus-feet I bow respectfully.
Because of that gorgeous Malini
Cupid has won over me 

Many a time I conveyed my desire to her
but her mind is rock hard, O god!!

O Malini, good-natured lady

On seeing the ravishingly beautiful daughter of the King of Panchala, Keechaka, the mighty brother of the Queen of Virata, was driven by lust and said thus.
O Malini, good-natured lady, please listen to me
from now on your woes are over, O noblest among beauties
O blessed woman, please do not thrash me today with
your eyebrows that rival Cupid's arched bows