Handmaid, Lady Servant, Lady Companion, Bridesmaid


Enough your explanations


Enough your explanations are. We have diagnosed your illness. The only medicine is the caress and kisses from him without putting a request forward. So try to get his lips

When your body is full with love why should you wear many more ornaments? You just drop a nectarous smile meditating and chanting the mantras of ‘Rati’ (the Goddess of love and sex).

Don’t hesitate, proceed, encounter, arrow him with your flowery glances making your brow a bow and win, let us observe his exasperations and defeat, in hide.

In the full moon that made the water lilies


In the full moon that made the water lilies smile with a dewdrop on their lips, the night when the flowers sown over the silk bedspread withered, Urvaśi saw a face in the moon.

Why her grace full gaits ornamented with bells stepped un-rhythmically? Why she threw away her pillow that was embraced by her? Why the blue of her eyes turned into red by dropping tears?

Was that bow, or arrows or quiver or figure or his feet able to fight and dance as well or his arms able to shoot thousands of arrows at once made her sad?

You wished to come to the garden, with your honey-sweet voice

You wished to come to the garden, with your honey-sweet voice
That was what you wanted, to come outside the palace,
Why did you come here, if to return so fast dear moon-face?
Tell us what hurts your heart, you of doe-eyed gaze.
We spend time here- there is surely pleasure to be sought,
Bhaimi dear friend, enjoy this garden’s sight.


Praise Brahma and the goddess of words

With the message of love from Nala, off to Vidarbha goes the swan
and sits in the open in the tranquillity of the palace garden.
Unfulfilled in love for Nala, Damayanti -listless and wan
Was lead to the garden by maids to bring back her cheer and elan.
Praise Brahma and the goddess of words, praise the goddess earth
Praise Lord Vishnu and praise the goddess of worth
Praise Lord Shiva and praise Parvathy, his consort

Hi friend, listen to my words

The dearest friend of Urvashi, listening to the words of The first among angelic call-girls, and the one who was attracted by the son of Lord Indra, replied thus.
Hi friend, listen to my words, now, the noblest and auspicious one
The most honorable and valorous, the ideal man, the generous one he is.
If he comes, your joining with the appropriate – and so is your love for him
But, without knowing his mind, do not perceive acts of eroticism