Listen to the words, hey noble human

As Indra returned to heaven along with his heavenly troupe,  Sreekrishna, the Supreme protector of the world, told delightfully this to the brave (Arjuna) who just married and whose heart is swaying with the warmth of love.
Listen to the words, hey noble human 
Your fortunes were clear, marriage went well.
does any scholar in the world know greatness of luck!

Arjuna, my friend


Arjuna, my friend, don’t be angry

you are dying for no reason

I am going to accomplish

whatever you have set your mind on


Don’t be sad, all the Brahmin’s

blessed boys are safe and

living with no distress at all,

let’s go and bring them


My dear friend Vijaya



When Lord Krishna was residing at Dwaraka protecting the world, the mighty warrior Arjuna arrived there happily to meet the lotus-eyed lord.

My dear friend Vijaya, wise, virtuous

and resplendent, how are you?

Even the moon that charms the three worlds salutes your

lotus-like face, and seeing that makes it a happy day for me

The brave, revered, polite and generous Yudhishtira

and the valiant Bheema I hope are fine;

Don’t worry, my friend Arjuna


Don’t worry, my friend Arjuna. Your Oath will not be in vain.

I shall mask the sun soon and create a fake sunset.

Thinking that the Sun has set, Jayadrathan will come out. You may immediately kill him.

Do not let his head fall on ground. With your arrows let it fall on his father’s (Vrudhakhatra) hand.