Happy by the reunion with you today..

"I am quite happy by the reunion with you today.
 All of my sins perished and I am in the ultimate joy. not at all joking,
Oh the wise one! Once, cuckoo likes sounded Panchali gave me country green (cheera).
After that today only I am happy and satisfied with food.
I did not fancy that the flakes of rice you brought will be so sweet.
Affection between us is so great. "

Oh moon like faced my beloved!

"Oh moon like faced my beloved! Enough of your fear.
I also thought the same you had said. Oh my lotus-eyed beauty.
I always forget myself when I am more interested in my devotees.
Hey sweet spoken, even after our association with each other,
so long don't you still know me? I am highly confused.
However you take the balance of flakes of rice happily.
You are the gem among wise women."

After we parted from teacher's hermitage..

"After we parted from teacher's hermitage,
 don't you perform Samavartanam* soon?
 Aren't you married ? You are living happily, aren't you?
 That is enough, I am quite hungry. I see something at your armpit, what is it?
One need not be shy in matters of food.
People tease me as a ravenous eater! ? It is quite true also."
Samavartanam* :  (end of education brahmas area and be ready for marriage)

The noble minded brahmin! prostrating before you

Krishna made Kuchela to sit on the bed of Goddess Lakshmi and performed the normal worships (poojas) to adore Kuchela and smeared the chandana. In his beautiful voice he told Kuchela.
"Oh, the noble minded brahmin! I am prostrating before you.
Your benevolent act of coming to see me gives immense joy.
The virtuous you are! Did you suffer any difficulty during the journey?