Hey, blessed one

The sin-eradicating Krishna appeared before Panchali who was praying with flickering eye, thereby making her happy
Hey, blessed one, the generous daughter of Panchala King,
Listen, hey the liberal one.
To others – telling one’s problems – is a common thing –
so do I think.
Hey, the aristocratic, I hereby speak a grave concern 
Starvation is rendering my heart exhausted,  know that kindly.

Hey respectable one

Hey respectable one, the very home of all good qualities,
person like you, no another one exists, hey good-hearted.
The compassion within you, the rightful deeds –
they are very appreciable – hey king. 
In order to eliminate your sorrow,
I had exhibited the Sudarshana.
(To Sudarshana)
to kill the sons of Gandhari (Kouravas),
I summond you. And,
this Kunthi’s son himself has become an obstacle to it.

PITY! ALAS! The sons of Dhritarashtra


At that time, the one who was shivering in anger, the Supreme Lord, with shaking eye-brows, signaling danger to foes, Krishna spoke these words.


PITY! ALAS! The sons of Dhritarashtra have done–

the crookedness– by hearing that  who could tolerate –



The vicious Duryodhanan came – 

with great envy and tied up (Bheema) and

gave poisoned food,

showed various other cruelties – If one thinks! too much – PITY!


No fault of enimies when, 

kinsmen don't feel shame.

Do not be dim, do not be

Seeing the difficulties that these handsome and peace-minded Pandavas are in due to ill-doings of the sons of Gandhari, Krishna, after receiving the respectful greetings along with Balarama, spoke thus.

Do not be dim, do not be, hey Pandavas
Do not be dim, do not be, hey Pandavas, do not grieve.
Hey the ornament of Bharata ancestry, listen to my words
Others and self – those who differentiate thus –
if such people grieve – that is appropriate.