O jewel among girls, Malini


After repeated requests from Keechaka, Sudeshna one day decided to send Panchali (Malini) to her brother to fetch some liquor, and sweetly spoke to her.
O jewel among girls, Malini, come here,
with a face to rival the moon, O friend, hear my words.

Since you reside at my home every day and night,
days seem like moments, and most joyful to me.

Today I am going to tell you one wish 

O brother, hear my words

O brother, hear my words,
O virtuous leader and diplomat
This is not a good move, please understand, 
don’t talk like this sans any shame, O great one.

She has five gandharvas as her husbands,
don't be blind to that; don't invite trouble

O moon-faced, come O good-natured

As the Pandavas in disguise took up the various jobs handed to them by the King of Virata, Panchali, in the role of a royal chambermaid and taking the name Sairandhri, reached the palace and Queen Sudeshna spoke to her thus.
O moon-faced, come O good-natured,
listen to my words, my girl
You have gait like an elephant, beautiful cheeks
and hair to rival peacock feather