Hey young, you listen to my words



In the high noon, when even the nails are subjected to being burned, while traversing through the deep forest filled with dust, she ,whose face was exhausted due to heat, whole body was dirtied with dust and who was undergoing utter mental pain, seeing Draupadi Dharmaputra spoke to her thus.


Hey young (lady), you -

listen to my words,

the noble and the blessed one.


Hey, the crown of the ones with milk-pure words,

the rear fortune of Panchala king.


Dark thick cloud like deep forest–

Be my savior, hey lotus-eyed

Thereafter, seeing Lord Krishna, the invincible heavenly tree,  arrived with Balarama, Dharmaputra, spoke these humble words:
Be my savior, hey lotus-eyed,
the one who shows compassion to dependents, Hey the protector of the world! 
[[Hey winter-moon-faced, killer of hell,
the one who killed demon Mura, hail hail, Hey Mukunda.
Hail, hail, the happiness provided,
Hey the protector of world. ]]