Hey brother, the valorous one


Hey brother, the valorous one, may not the anger overcome you, hey the lamp of humanity and son of Wind God!!

Hey the lamp of humanity and son of the Wind God 

Do not engage in act of cowardice without thought, boy, for adventures are the abode of dangers

Adventure is also the abode of dangers


Who, may I know


Who, may I know, are you and where have you come from?  Come nearer and explain without delay

Come nearer and explain, without delay

Am seeing you without a reason and hence a pleasant surprise is growing within me

Followed by double faceted culmination (Iratty) with the line repeated:

“Is growing within me”


Hail! Hail, the one rich with penance

Dharmaputra, naturally an initiator, along with his guru (Dhaumya) who was already present, approached the the one deployed by foe, and spoke thus with enclosed palms.
Hail! Hail, the one rich with penance, great-minded –
Now, my birth has borne fruit – by the sight of you.
For now, all my miseries  have been eliminated, and – 
I was blessed even before, certainly
would be for good – this visit of yours.
Hey, the one borne from a Siva, noble-minded,

Hey, cloud-skinned, in vain

Though troubled by Kauravas, the one who hates depletion of own family, that Dharmaputhra, decided to lead Krishna to peace and said thus. Minds of noble people are averse to trouble for others.
Hey, cloud-skinned*, in vain, you– 
should not be angry due to this, please.
Should your compassion be with us,
my power can be seen on the foes – hey Krishna.
Hey the enemy destroyer, Lord, yours – 
Sudarshana**, before it blazes the whole world

Lotus eyed – hail you

Then, overjoyed at having seen Krishna, the very abode of the whole world, Pandavas such as Dharmaputhra, went to Vasudeva and spoke thus
Hey, Lotus eyed – hail you,
the full-moon faced – Lord, Krishna.
Hey, the one whose ear ornaments adorn the cheeks,
the destroyer of foes, Lord, Krishna
Due to the mis-deeds of Duryodhana,
leaving own native, here we live, hey Lord– 
seeing us, aren't you ashamed !? 

Hail, the one who glow the peak of Mountain

Hail, the one who glow the peak of Mountain,
Hail the one who has powerful glaring rays –
hail you, who is like the wildfire of the forest of grief.
Hey the Sun, kind-hearted, the shining Lord.
The city with royal houses surrounded by huge walls,
after living there, for us, the life here in the forest is not joyful
May that be as it is, Today I have another concern that grows in mind ,
Am conveying that with hope now