Hey the crown of Maharshis, hail, hail

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
"Hey lord, I do not grieve by accompanying you and walking in the forest.  But how would I feed the 88000 Brahmins who came with us depending on you?” Hearing these words of wisdom of the dear onewith deep concern, the King (Dharmaputra) approached Dhaumya and spoke thus:


Hey the crown of Maharshis ( sages ), hail, hail
In order to remove grievance, your feet, w
ithout delay, shall I bow.
The crooked Kaurava (Duryodhana) – his mis deeds –
due to that we have entered this forest and living day after day.


Stage Features: 

Dhaumya is seated on the right.  Dharmaputra enters from left and in a span of one “Kitathikedheem tha” cycle the entry, paying homage and Dhaumya’s blessing is completed