Hey the king of demons, come



The courageous Bheema, after consuming the food offered by the Brahmins, boarded the vehicle with oxes and filled with foodstuff, made up with red garland and other perfumes, entered the demon’s woods and eating the laatter’s food, challenged him.

Hey the king of demons, come, the king of demons

Hey, the king of demons, Come, properly, the enemy of gods, the night-walking crooked, do not have any foul thoughts – forever

Enjoying you would leave – do not have any such thoughts – you illhearted demon

Hey the crown of Brahmin



Listening to mother’s words, that proud one, approached the noble Brahmin and and spoke thus, thinking that he would end his own starvation by the food and the demon with his hand.

Hey the crown of Brahmin, Listen to my words

The offerings for the demon – to take them quickly – and by the instructions of my mother – For sure I have come here
Without wasting any more time – send me with the foodstuff of the strong demon, in full


With due respect, hey mother


Thus consoling the Brahmin and his wife, who were weeping miserably, Kunthi was coming back and she was met by the foe-eliminating Bhim Sen.  The latter, in all respect bowed to his mother and said thus.

With due respect, hey mother, I bow on your pair of feet

I would prepare the food and the son would come with pleasure

What is the matter that you conveyed to the Brahmins in the night.  Leaving out concern, to tell me that, why do you hesitate?


Hey Child, come, Come



The ever-so-truthful son of Sathyavathi (Vedavyasa), advised thus and departed – Those peace loving people (Pandavas) stayed put in “Shalihotra” woods living on wild food.  During that time, in delight, night after night, Maruti (Bheema)  pleasured Hidimbi and spoke with absolute joy amorously


Hey Child, come, Come – You the one with good habits and with attractive mane that flows and the one with a well made up fore-head

The most beautiful face of yours – by seeing that

Even the moon is ashamed (so round is your face)


Hey, the one who adorns the community of saints


Hey, the one who adorns the community of saints, the one who takes away grief, I bow to you
Your greatness – to say about that – no one would be able

The cruel Duryodhana – in order to burn us alive – made a wax house – and had us put up there with respect

Made a wax house – and had us put up there with respect

There we went and resided – thinking they were friends – There by the mercy of Vidura – we came here alive

There, by the mercy of Vidura – we came here alive