Champa 10 mathras


Unfitting prince!

Unfitting  prince! for him
this hermit outfit is a scorn.
This moment, will punish your friend-
with no memory of him (left) in the world.
Balabhadra says he will kill Arjuna in no time.

Where is Arjuna? tell...

As Brahmins were passing by saying thus, Balabhadra happen to hear them saying about Arjuna abducting Subhadra, with ever increasing anger and disgust he rushed back to the palace and spoke to his brother Krishna. 
( before enacting the verses Balabhadra does a Self Enactment given below as reference. )
Where is Arjuna? tell me!
In no time will kill the enemy (Arjuna )

O good-natured son of Brahma

O good-natured son of Brahma,
don’t malign Siva even slightly
It’s only at His feet that the
seven worlds seek refuge
Alas! insulting Siva is at the root of
all misfortunes on earth
You may pray to Siva always
have no doubts about that
Go and meet the Lord now
and all blessings will be yours