Where is Arjuna? tell...

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
As Brahmins were passing by saying thus, Balabhadra happen to hear them saying about Arjuna abducting Subhadra, with ever increasing anger and disgust he rushed back to the palace and spoke to his brother Krishna. 
( before enacting the verses Balabhadra does a Self Enactment given below as reference. )
Where is Arjuna? tell me!
In no time will kill the enemy (Arjuna )
Krishna! utter shame ! that (we) welcomed 
him to stay at our palace. 
Not even the least bothered I am-
Isn't it well-known in the entire world!



Balabhadra appears with a mace on the right hand and a plough on the left hand, lowers the curtain to half by standing on the raised platform. ( Valour being the base emotion).
Looks around, 
(Self Enactment starts...)
Balabhadra: The festival is now over with all prosperity. 
Now let me return to Dwaraka.
( calls the servants and orders) 
hey, prepare the wooden boat for my return to Dwaraka.
( as the boat arrives.. )
Let me have the oar now..
( Enacts as steering the boat through the water and reaches the destination.)
(calls the servant and orders)
hey, bring the Chariot and lock this boat.
Let me soon return to the palace.. !
[ The curtain is removed, and the actor gets down from the raised platform ]
[Looking around.. ]
See, Brahmins are chatting happily while returning from the festival. 
[ Listens to their conversation and acts the conversation!..]
'One Sage came and lived in Dwaraka.'
Yes, I know about it, I received the sage with all respect and requested him to stay at Dwaraka. 
[Again listens to the conversation.. ]
'He (the sage) is a cheat!and abducted Subhadra!'
Haa..No sage can be that brave to abduct the younger sister of Balabhadra! .Impossible !
These brahmins must be talking nonsense! .[ and laughs off ].
[Again listens .. ]
'He is not sage, he is none other than brave Arjuna!, and Subhadra was not abducted, rather Krishna fixed up the marriage and sent them off !'
Impossible! she is one and only dear younger sister of me and Krishna, Hence Krishna won't do her marriage with out my knowledge, for sure!
[ again listens to brahmins conversation...]
At last Balabhadra realises that Arjuna married his sister Subhadra with the blessing of his younger brother Krishna..
With ever increasing rage he start looking for Krishna who actually masterminded this. .
And Krishna comes, seeing Balabhadra in a fury, Krishna quickly bows down at his feat. 
Balabhadra with his anger, catch hold of Krishna and asks about their sister! for which Krishna keeps mum.
He starts scolding Krishna and says he will soon destroy Krishna's friend Arjuna, and start enacting the verses..
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