Muriyatantha high speed


Who is the arrogant one here..

Veerabahdran, with a thousand heads and two thousand arms, along with Bhadrakali and their retinue attacked Daksha’s abode.

Who is the arrogant one here doing these impure rites
with scant thoughts about Lord Siva?
If you don’t offer the Lord’s rightful share, you evil creature,
I will reduce your body, along with your rites, to powder.


Leave this place right away

Sathi, who ignored her husband’s words as she was keen to watch the sacrificial rites, having arrived at her father’s palace accompanied by Siva’s guards and surrounded by happy celestial women, was confronted by her angry father Daksha who spoke to her cruelly thus.

Leave this place right away, O wife of Lord Siva
who ever asked you to come here, you wicked woman?
I am not at all happy with you,

Pay your respects to Lord Siva

Pay your respects to Lord Siva
that will be good for you
Without realising His greatness
it’s not right to speak ill of him
How He killed the pride of the Yama
and how He slayed Gajasura
if you think of His deeds, where’s the 
need to speak about Siva’s greatness.
Though God is always serene